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All About NEWIM…

NEWIM of Cape Town was birthed out of a NEWIM conference (based in the USA) held in Cape Town in May 2005, and became the first overseas/foreign chapter in November 2006.

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NEWIM of Cape Town is a non-profit organisation whose team is made up of a group of volunteers that help women by counseling them, teaching them the Word and taking these women of all cultures back to the Cross of the risen Saviour, Jesus Christ.


A NEWIM retreat is a time of solitude and prayer conducted in a remote location. It is unlike a “women’s camp” in that it is: Withdrawal for prayer, study and meditation.

It is an Oasis – A shelter serving as a place of safety or sanctuary.

The Network of Evangelical Women in Ministry (NEWIM) is designed to serve women who minister to others, strengthening them in their walk with the Lord Jesus by providing opportunities for spiritual renewal, encouragement and networking. It also provides a place of safety via the structure of RETREATS for all women from different cultural backgrounds, church areas and ministries.

It is our hope that the retreats we provide will inspire you not only to continue in your present ministry, but that it will also encourage you to follow the Lord wherever He leads you in the future. We want women to know just how much God loves them, and for them to leave our retreats feeling uplifted, encouraged, inspired, and for them to be able to grow through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

It is with this in mind that our slogan is:

“Finding His lap and His heartbeat for YOU!”


Glenda at Sea Villa Retreat (BROWN)

NEWIM of Cape Town is headed up in ministry by Glenda McMinn. She has been involved in church ministry for 25+ years and has been involved in women’s ministry for the past 15 years, doing it all simply “out of her own need”. Glenda was born in a Christian home and has always had a strong love for Jesus. She is a lover of people, and she has a vision to help less secure women grow into mature, content women for God. She has known the call of God for ministry for a long time. Through many trials and loss (miscarriage, health), she has grown into “finding His lap and His heartbeat”. She has had the privilege of being chosen through the adoption process as mom to Daniel (16 years old) and Jessica (10 years old). She pastors, along with her sweet, energetic, 6ft4 “Man of God” husband, Clive, at the Bettaway Community Church in Delft. Together they were sent out to plant this church 15 years ago and have seen God perform many miracles there. They have been married for 20 years this year, and he is her rock and best friend. Her relaxation comes through reading, preferably in a hut by the sea, and she is kept young by her love for music. Glenda has been a musician for the past 15 years, and is a trained Choir Director and Voice Coach. Her biggest desire is to see heaven, along with every other woman that she introduces to Jesus.

6 thoughts on “All About NEWIM…

  1. Hi Glenda
    I am in need of rest.I am drained, hurt & tired.How do i go about the Facility thats available & bookings, cost Goodwood?

  2. Hi…I would love to get involved in your ministry…also I would love to share NY testimony for the first time. Could someone please contact me

  3. Good day Glenda, I’m really i terested in attending the Redeemed retreat in April. Can you please send me more information regarding fees and venue for April 2017.

  4. Hie , I want to know where you are located and more information but there is no contacts or more information on this page . Thank you

    • Hi there you can check all the pages on the website. It is best to follow us on Facebook at Newim of Cape Town as we have our venues for our retreats at different areas and places. You are most welcome to email us on

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