A place where women go to be encouraged. A safe haven. A place where women can find His lap & His heartbeat…

A NEWIM retreat is the ideal opportunity to spend time away from your busy life & find time to be still & experience more intimacy & fellowship with GOD.

At our retreats you will have plenty of time for interaction with the NEWIM team & especially with other women while pursuing personal refreshment & renewal.

The atmosphere of safety & confidentiality, combined with a mature, professional & Godly team, will minister to you.

The women who God raises up to speak at these retreats are women who have a powerful knowledge & testimony of the risen Saviour, Jesus Christ, in their lives. They are highly qualified & seasoned sisters-in-Christ whose focus is on dealing with some of the major pitfalls in life & ministry. They teach & testify of His love, compassion, honesty & grace to women who need these attributes to survive in this violent, abusive & discontented world. There are also opportunities to build quality relationships – which we know you will enjoy. Above all, we pray that you will

“Find His lap & His heartbeat for you…”

Much Love

The NEWIM Team

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