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“Let’s Begin Again” 2 Day Retreat | 10 – 11 April 2015

Our Night of Worship with Kendrick & Simone Simon followed by an Oasis Retreat with Kim Bady (USA) took place on the 10 & 11 April 2015.


I think from the minute I walked in on Friday, without anyone having to say anything, I was instantly aware and in awe of His presence.  I came knowing that I was going to have a wonderful encounter with my King. I could truly relate to what Kim spoke about as I had loads of unresolved issues and could never seem to move forward.  As we were told to place our hands on our womb and call up the faces of those people we needed to let go of, I was just filled with such a peace and surety that I would be propelled forward as I let go! Thank you to the entire NEWIM team for always preparing an awesome atmosphere to allow us to find His lap and His heartbeat!

– Samantha February

I was blessed by the presence of God and the worship was phenomenal. Thank you to all those who give of their time and talents to create a space for us to come and retreat with God… And for accommodating my family at short notice.

– Victoria Pillay

I was at a place in my life where I needed to trust God more and not be so anxious and worried when I had lack or a struggle. At the retreat the Friday evening I just surrendered to God in worship, as I crowned Him Lord and placed Him at the centre of my life. The scripture that was so clear to me was Matthew 6:26-28. My sole purpose is to exalt amidst the hardships and struggles of life because He is God, He’s never changing, He’s always providing and faithful, He’s always making a way for us, He’s omnipresent, we must just be present and trust Him. I’ve decided to discipline myself to trust God more, not to be anxious, to pray more and to have faith in His word. I give all the glory that we are His children, no matter where we come from , no matter our race or our status – we are His. He died for us, we were on His mind when He went to the cross. Forever my song shall be “Where would I be if it hadn’t been for Jesus’ love for me…” Thanks and God bless.

– Anne Bridgens

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