About Us

Beautiful Women Retreats was birthed out of a NEWIM conference (based in the USA) held in Cape Town in May 2005 and became their first overseas/ foreign chapter in November 2006. To find out more about this International tool of ministry, log on to their website at www.newim.com1

Beautiful Women Retreats is a non-profit organisation that helps women in counselling, teaching of the Word, and takes women of all cultures back to the Cross of the risen Saviour, Jesus Christ. Our retreats are especially designed for broken, abused, lost, disconnected and weary women. We believe that this is an effective tool in God’s hands to bring women out of their normal and often abnormal circumstances into a special time with Him. We encourage women to ‘come away and find rest’ according the Mark 6:32

When last were you able to just “Be still and know?” At a Beautiful Women Retreat you will find the time, the space and the safety to have that time with Jesus. Our vision is to help women “across church and cultural walls” to “Find HIS lap and HIS heartbeat”. These retreats are orchestrated and designed with the sole purpose of finding that connection with God the Father, through His Son, Jesus Christ. These retreats have touched many women’s lives and helped them to have a closer walk with Jesus. It also provides a safe place for these cross-cultural women to meet. Many lives are changed by the power of God, and the messages of HOPE spoken by its speakers have encouraged women to keep going in this difficult world.

May you never miss an opportunity to find yourself in the presence of the One who loves, saves and encourages. We encourage you to bring a pillow, for we find that “down at Your feet, O Lord, is the most high place”.

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